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So it begins… (Day 1)

If this entry sounds just a tad bit fractured, it’s because it’s about 4:00 in the morning Eastern Time and I really should be asleep right now… However, I figured that I may as well treat you all to the very first blog entry to grace this site.

Mom and Karli, with Jake and me at the airport.So our adventure began rather uneventfully, Mom and Karli saw us off at the airport (to which we’d arrived a solid 4 to 5 hours early thanks to the “Patrick C Davies Rule of Flight” which maintains that if you arrive to the airport less than 4 hours before your departure time, you may as well not even pack), we checked our bags, and saw our way through security. Then came our first roadblock; our flight was scheduled to depart an hour and a half late. Fortunately, shortly after seeing this on the flight board at the airport, the airline called my Dad informing him of this unfortunate turn of events… Fantastic timing.

So we had an extra couples hours to kill at the airport, and kill them we did. Luckily, once it came time to board, we were treated to all the amenities that first class had to offer. Yes, we got to fly first class, apparently they were the only seats my dad could get with his frequent flier miles to the east coast at this time (no skin off my back). I know that every sitcom and stand-up comedian since the dawn of time has addressed the many differences between first class and coach, and I couldn’t help but think of the many comedic bits I’d heard as I watched things like Jake staring blankly at the hot towel the flightJake and I enjoying the amenities... attendant had just handed him, the way they let you sit down first and then parade the coach passengers in so you have to awkwardly look away while they behold your splendor, or the frightened looks on the flight attendants’ faces whenever a coach passenger somehow penetrated the cloth curtain and attempted to use the first class bathroom. All-in-all, it was a rather enjoyable flight, and thanks to the many entertainment choices available on the personal video sets provided, it went rather quickly as well.

Of course, it wasn’t meant to go so well, and we were soon to pay the price for such comfort…

We landed in Philadelphia at about 1:00 EST, and made our way to the baggage claim eager to be on our way. The flight was packed, and we all stood around the baggage claim belt like a herd of cattle waiting to be fed. Nothing came… Finally, after a good 20 min or The sweet release our luggage, the buzzer went off and the bags started rotating. Still, nothing came… After another 20 to 30 min of watching the same bags go by, and listening to Jake practically hyperventilate, convinced that our luggage was completely lost, the belt stopped. I’d probably told Jake at least six times to calm down and just wait before the belt started back up again, and we continued to stand eagerly inspecting each bag that rounded the corner. I don’t think the waiting would’ve been quite so bad, but it instead of itĀ feeling as if I was standing next to a 280 pound guy in a sweat stained Phillies T-Shirt, it felt as if I were actually standing inside his armpit. Finally we had the sweet release of the arrival of our luggage, and we were out in to the (semi)fresh air of the Philadelphia night.

However, at 2 am, the directions to our hotel we received from the Hertz gate agent, coupled with the confusing directions spit out at us by the “NeverLost” navigation system in our car made for a rather exciting drive around Philadelphia. Never mind the fact that our Hotel was about a good 3 minutes away from the airport, and we made it there about a half hour after driving away from the airport; it was exciting nonetheless… Luckily I think it was too late for the Patrick C “lost whilst driving” stress levels to reach their fullest capacity.

Thus we arrived to our destination… Tomorrow we’ll probably spend a good half hour listing Pros and Cons of the ideas Dad’s come up with for the day, so I should probably rest up and prepare myself.

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6 Responses to "So it begins… (Day 1)"

  1. I woke up early this morning, listed pros and cons, and was fully prepared to review with Justin and Jake – so Justin’s prediction was spot on :)

  2. How fun!! You shouldn’t doubt your dad Davies! I’m sure he knows all the in’s and out’s of the country. He is a secret agent you know…

  3. I don’t want to say I told you so but…. I told you so! I knew that my idea of just printing off the directions to the hotel from the hotel’s website was a brilliant one! Guess you have to be brilliant to recognize brilliance!!! ha ha ha Love… Mom

  4. Ooops…. i guess I’m not so BRILLIANT after all!!! ha ha ha

    Mom :)

  5. Philadelphia? If you see a “Rita’s Water Ice” Make sure to stop in. I’ve been craving it for the past 10 years. Yum! Here’s their website:

  6. Man you are a great rider PS. Very fun I am looking forward to reading your blogs when you get a chance to write them. My favorite part was the Patrick Davies airport rule of getting there 4 hours early. classic!!!! have a good trip.

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