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On the Road Again… (Day 4)

We got to sleep in this morning, which was nice. Once we got all packed up and ready to go, we left straight from the hotel to the road outta town.

We caught some pretty sweet views of the city on our way out, and then we were into Connecticut before we knew it. We decided to stop off in West Haven, Connecticut, having seen that it was home to a Rita’s Ice place (which our cousin Holly so kindly recommended we stop by). We pulled off the exit, and immediately saw a Wendy’s, which Jake promptly vetoed. As we drove further into town, it became more and more apparent that places to eat were becoming increasingly scarce. We got after Jake for ruining our chance at some food before getting our icy treats, but then we came upon Tom & Pat’s pizza. Now we had pizza the night before for dinner, but this place just looked too awesome to pass up… Right on the beach, and simply the epitome of a great little beach-side pizza place. While our lunch was in the oven, we walked down to the beach and walked around in the ocean for a bit. The water was surprisingly quite warm, and the atmosphere in the town was incredible.

We ate our lunch, and drove down to Rita’s. It was this frozen Italian Ice type place, and it was delicious. We walked over to a little bridge overlooking another beach and enjoyed the ices whilst enjoying the view. I’m fairly certain that Jake has made it his new mission to talk the parents into moving there.

We hit the road again, and after talking to my friend Suzy, who used to live in the Connecticut/Rhode Island area, we decided to take the long way to Boston, and drive through Newport, Rhode Island.

Another great decision, as the drive there was simply littered with gorgeous views. Newport itself was literally one of the most beautiful places I’d ever been to before; a quaint little town center, and an amazing road covered in the most impressive mansions you’ve ever seen. The road winded down towards the ocean, and we pulled into a public beach. This one wasn’t quite as traditional sandy beach as the last, but with the portions of boulder outcrops and enormous manors looking out in the distance, it was certainly more impressive. Not too far off-shore, was another impressive mansion sitting on a tiny private island… Simply amazing.

We got back into the car, drove up through Rhode Island, and on our way to Boston. Once we reached our hotel, we decided to drive down to Cambridge and see Harvard and the Charles River. It was a perfect time of day, and the view of the river and the Boston skyline were incredible.

All in all, it was a gorgeous day. Apologies that there was nothing too entertaining today, but it was easily the most scenic day we’d had thus far.

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3 Responses to "On the Road Again… (Day 4)"

  1. I’ll take the impressive mansion sitting on the tiny private island, Thank you very much!!!!

  2. Those places look so neat!
    All I know is that I want a frozen ice from Rita’s, and I want to eat it on the beach…

  3. Davies,
    Andrew, Chelsea, and Marissa told me about your trip and your blog. It is great! I was very excited to read that you ate at Lombardi’s! My maiden name is Lombardi, and when we were in NY in March we went there!
    Love ya,
    Laurel (Lombardi)

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