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Start Spreadin’ The News… (Day 3)

Okay, off the top of my head, I’m going to say that there is a slight difference between Utah and Manhattan… Shocking, I Jake and me at Rockefeller Plazaknow, but throughout the entire day, I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that something just felt the tiniest bit different.

This morning we didn’t get out until around noon or so, but you can rest assured that we made up any lost time today with the speed-tour style we attacked New York with today. We left the hotel, and just started walking on up towards Rockefeller Plaza. After a quick detour through the NBC store, scanning through any and all merchandise related to the Office. So we quickly took a picture of the Plaza, and then walked on over to the nearby St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Big Cathedrals like that have always been something I’ve really enjoyed, and this one was one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen. We then decided to wander in the general direction of Central Park, with plans to find the Temple on the way…

So after another good walk, we knew we were somewhere near the temple, but weren’t quite sure exactly where it was. My Dad stopped and asked a nearby doorman if he knew where the LDS Temple was. The doorman gazed into the air and mouthed the words “LDS Temple?” to himself with a rather confused look on his face, then caught himself and said “the Mormon Temple??” We said that’s what we were looking for, and he took around the corner of his building and showed us the building directly next door to his, which just happened to be the Manhattan Temple. Literally right next door. We laughed at ourselves (well, mostly my Dad) and took another quick couple pictures.

On we went to Central Park, kind of a surreal experience to suddenly find yourselves surrounded by cement, urine and steel – to being surrounded by grass, dog feces and trees… We took a completely separate route home, and took in as much more of the New York experience as possible. We got back to the apartment, talked to our former neighbor to find out a good place to get some pizza for dinner, rested for half hour or so at the hotel, and then took a cab down to Little Italy to get some dinner from Lombardi’s Pizza. A cool little New York style Pizza Restaurant that was founded in 1905. After dinner, we walked down to Ground Zero, and then debated between taking the subway up to the Empire State Building or walking… Surprisingly enough, a list of pros and cons weren’t required, we simply decided to continue along the theme of the day. It was actually pretty cool walking throughout the entire city, as we went from borough to borough, you got a real sense of what those different parts of New York City were really like. At times, I nearly waited with bated breath to hear someone yelling “Yo Vinny!” — “Hey, I’m Wawlkin’ heeree!” — or any one of the many many New York stereotypes that come to mind.

We made it to the Empire State Building at a good time, thanks to the fact that our fearless tour guide, Patrick C Davies, only has two speeds: Extremely Fast, and Ridiculous. Fortunately Jake was with us, so we were only going extremely fast.

The Empire State Building was awesome. The line waiting got to be a little much after a while, but luckily after we rode the elevator up the first 80 floors, they gave us the option of skipping the line for the elevator going up the last 6, and taking the stairs if we so chose. With Mr. “I run up mountains” in charge, I’ll let you imagine how quickly we bolted out of the line and up the stairs. In all seriousness though, it was the much wiser decision to make. The nighttime skyline of the city was incredible, and well worth it.

By the time we got back to the hotel, we collapsed in a heap, ready to take a good, well-deserved rest… I guess that with only one full day to spend in New York, we saw almost as much as you could with the time we had available.

Well, once again, it’s almost 2 am, so I say to you; goodnight.

–I figured I’d leave you with two pictures that Patrick C took unprompted by Jake or myself… Draw your own conclusions as to what side of New York he’s looking to capture on film ;)

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2 Responses to "Start Spreadin’ The News… (Day 3)"

  1. Hey you saw the naked cowboy guy!!!! Looks like Manhattan was awesome as always!! Too bad you didn’t have a few more days there. Maybe next time. hint hint Pat!!!!

  2. Ah the naked cowboy, he frequented my bedroom at Greenbriar in the form of a liquored up Joseph Watkins that never remembered anything in the morning…

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