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‘n So Was the Turnpike From Stockbridge to Boston… (Day 6)

Okay, so we didn’t drive on the Turnpike all the way to Stockbridge, but we did drive on plenty of Turnpikes, and we did drive out of Boston today…

So we decided to visit Boston College on our way out of town, and of course our handy NeverLost (which has saved our lives countless times throughout this trip) decided that when we asked it to direct us to Boston College, we obviously meant for it to take us to a satellite campus of the College. After several minutes of confused driving, we realized we weren’t quite where we were supposed to be, and made our way to the actual Boston College campus. Like pretty much everything else here, it was pretty sweet… Patrick C. was an old pro, having been there a few years ago to watch our cousin Meagan’s husband Paul play football at his time there as QB.

The day before, while during our power tour of Boston, we had stumbled upon a stand for a Danish pastry shop; so today we decided to stop by the shop itself. One of the reasons we stopped by Boston College was because it was supposed to be on the way to the pastry shop, but thanks to the extremely absurd traffic patterns of Cambridge on a Thursday morning/afternoon, it took us quite a while to get there. I must say that once we did find our way to the shop, the extra time spent in Boston was worth it… Apparently the owners of the shop brought in two genuine Danish pastry bakers to run the store (none of which were there today, unfortunately) and the quality of the pastries showed the genuineness (yes, that’s a word, I looked it up to make sure) of it all. They were definitely the real deal, and I made sure to buy plenty of all kinds, so Jake and my Dad got to taste the full spectrum of Danish goodness. Of course, it turned into Justin eating like three full pastries all on his own, which resulted in that unpleasant feeling of being packed to the gills with custard which I hadn’t felt in several years…

This also meant the unpleasantness of deciding what we were going to do next… With the impeccable skills of decision making contained between the three of us (which I’ve already elaborated on earlier in the blog), we knew we were in for quite the morning with that decision looming on the horizon. Patrick C even resorted to turning off the AC and letting us bake in the 97 degree heat until we reached a verdict. Of course, he was the first to buckle and turn it back on. We finally decided that although we all really wanted to see either Palmyra or the Maine-Vermont-New Hampshire area, we were worried that going to either was going to keep us far too rushed for the rest of the trip. So off we were towards the DC area…

After stopping by the Boston Temple when it surprised us off the side of the freeway (we were lucky to escape the world’s chattiest woman there and get back on the road, to be honest with you…), the rest of the drive southwest was more or less uneventful. I gave Patrick C a couple hours break to sleep while I took the wheel, but most of the driving was done by him. Mostly the entire day was spent on the road, but the views were incredible the entire way throughout.

We decided that Harrison, Pennsylvania was likely our best bet for the place to stay the night, seeing as DC itself was a little too far out, so the logical place for us to stop for dinner was none other than Scranton, Pennsylvania. Jake was more than pleased to be able to have dinner at a restaurant located within the very Steamtown Mall mentioned in The Office. Aside from the fact that the surrounding countryside was actually quite scenic, the city of Scranton was more or less exactly how you’d picture it to be… That is, if you’re the kind of person who goes around trying to picture how Scranton would be, as I know so many of you are…

Next thing we knew, we were in Harrisburg, and ready to call it a night. Now I’m almost done with the entry for today and my butt is 100% asleep.


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2 Responses to "‘n So Was the Turnpike From Stockbridge to Boston… (Day 6)"

  1. OK.. I promise this will be the last interuption. If your interested in Civil War history a can’t miss location is Harper’s Ferry, WV which is only 11/2 hours west of Washington DC. If you have the time check it out. This is where John Brown took over the engine house trying to gather support from the local slave population. That never happen and Robert E Lee came in with troops and captured him. He was convicted of treason in the Chales Town, WV court house ( which I can see from where I’m typing this ) and hung in Dec, 1859. Let me know if you decide to come over. There’s a short hike up the cliffs on the opposite side of the Potomac River which affords great views of Harper’s Ferry and the surrounding countryside. If you decide to give me a call 304-261-5602.


  2. I think that you should probably talk more about your butt…you’re accumulating quite the fan base. Oh, and by the way… Since when is little Jake 8 ft. tall?

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