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(Day 8)

Today’s entry isn’t going to be anything special, just as a forewarning… I’m kind of tired, and I’m just not fully into it tonight. Apologies.

This morning we got up and actually had the free breakfast offered at the hotel, but only just in time to get packed up and checked out in time. We decided to stop by the University of Virginia campus, seeing how we were only a few miles away, and it was pretty well worth the stop. The campus, as well as the surrounding town were pretty sweet… Jake decided he’d rather sit in the car and bake, apparently his incident waking up yelling in the middle of the night had left him a little grumpy…

So on we went to Monticello, the former residence of Thomas Jefferson. It was a pretty cool place, much cooler once I realized that it’s the building on the back of the nickel. Well, we walked all over the grounds, and looked at most everything up there, but we still had about an hour until the time our tour of the house began. Luckily, Patrick C had left his wallet in the car, and seeing how we came from the parking lot to the house via bus, he had (got) to walk/run to the car and back (which I’m sure he would’ve rather done than sit around, waiting for our turn). We nearly decided to turn back and forgo the actual tour through the house, but figured that since we’d come, we may as well stay and go. The inside of the house was pretty interesting, but even more entertaining for me was watching my Dad pace and fidget uncomfortably through the tour as our tour guide burst at the seams with sunshine and enthusiasm.

After Smiles McGee finished leading the group tour, we walked past Jefferson’s tombstone and back to the car. Then we continued the drive towards the ocean… We stopped for lunch, and again for gas. During the stop for gas, I was using one of those gas station restrooms that are made for only one person at a time usage, and apparently the lock didn’t work, because when I was washing my hands, some guy walked in. As if it wasn’t awkward enough in the confined space of the tiny restroom, apparently the guy didn’t get the picture as to what type of restroom we were dealing with, and he just started doing his thing with me right there… Needless to say, I left before waiting to dry my hands.

We got stuck in some pretty bad traffic just outside of Norfolk, but made it to our hotel at a relatively good time. We checked in, and decided to drive down to Virginia Beach to check it out. It seemed like a pretty happenin’ place… A little too much for Patrick C’s taste… So we decided that one night in the area would be enough, and tomorrow we start heading down the outer banks.

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  1. sounds like a long day but monticello looks sweet. I like the picture of you wading in the ocean except for the fact dad cut off your legs!!

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