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Can’t You See The Sunshine? Can’t You Just Feel The Moonshine? (Day 9)

So Patrick C was definitely not a fan of the entire Virginia Beach area. He sure made that much abundantly clear, as the further we drove, the more he’d announce how much better he felt.

We left without much of an idea as to where exactly we were going to stay, luckily my Mom has been the world’s best travel agent, and she was working furiously at finding us a place… We left a little later on, as we’d all slept in. My Dad set his phone alarm so we’d be able to wake up and go to church, but he apparently had it set to “weekday mode” and it didn’t go off. Probably the biggest disappointment for all of us, as we were all looking forward to a nice meeting in small town Virginia/North Carolina.

The first place we stopped was right as you begin the journey down the Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk – site of the first successful flight by the Wright brothers. Kind of neat to see, almost as cool as the fact that I was in Kitty Hawk, and I am a Kittyhawk (meaning a graduate of Altara Elementary School, home of the Kittyhawks… That’s right!)

So we began our trip down the Outer Banks, and I have to say, it’s pretty dang cool out here. Unfortunately, most of the time dunes obstructed the view of the beach itself, despite the fact the road is probably only 50 yards or so away from the ocean; but the towns and houses along the way were scenic enough in their own right. The more we drove down the Banks, the crazier the whole area seemed, just a long thin sandbar running all the way down the coastline. At one point, we drove past a huge sand dune that I later read has moved so much over time that its buried a hotel and a miniature golf course. The whole area seemed very similar to parts of the west coast of Denmark, so the combination of the unique scenery and the nostalgia of the similarity to West Jylland made me enjoy it all the more…

We hit the town of Hatteras, and showed up towards the very front of the line for the ferry ride to Ocracoke. Before we knew it, the 40 min ride was over, and we were driving down to the south end of the island. My Mom pulled through in pure Lisa fashion, and had found us a room in a bed and breakfast in town — She really outdid herself yet again. Truly an amazing travel agent to say the least.

We walked around town, and enjoyed the quaintness of the island. Patrick C surely feels much better about Ocracoke than he did Virginia Beach. We’re excited to spend a day relaxing on the beach tomorrow, Ocracoke’s beach has recently been named the top beach in the US for 2007 (and yes, that includes Hawaii…), so it will be the perfect spot to unwind after all our driving and power-touring…

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3 Responses to "Can’t You See The Sunshine? Can’t You Just Feel The Moonshine? (Day 9)"

  1. Greetings from Sandy, Utah. My computer has been down so I am sending this with Trevors lab top. It’s great to see the sights of Eastern Carolina again. It is remarkable country but what makes it even better are its people, I hope you are talking to the locals and hearing their southern drawl. The North Carolina outer banks are unique, you will notice that all the large cities are inland and all the small communities are along the coast, which is opposite of all the other eastern coastal states. This is because of the shallow waters shifting tides and difficulty of reaching the coast by boat. While in Carolina I know you won’t try the Moonshine so be sure to eat some hush puppies, flounder,fried shrimp and watch for the fire fles at night. This is an area where Blackbeard hung out, there are hundreds of ship wrecks along the coast I have a map that shows all the wrecks maybe you can find one in one of the local shops. Justin be sure to buy a post card and have it post marked by the Ocracoke post office this is something I do, its fun to have this as a souvenir of the day you were there. You will find the ocean water warmer that the northern states and cleaner to. Along the Carolina coast you will find lots of craftsmen who are skilled and proud of their various trades such as fisherman, boat builders, fishing net menders, seamen, and coast guard. It’s like going back to a simpler and slower time of life. Here is what a billboard sign said when I was there – Welcome to Ocracoke population 370 not including the wild ponies and whistling swans. Can you imagine doing missionary work in such a cool place? Enjoy the ferry from Ocracoke to Cedar Island two and one half hours, its great! Look for jelly fish floating in the water and the birds flying overhead or the clouds floating by on a summer day. This might be the longest ferrys in the country. When you hit the mainland you will truly be in God’s country, remember ” If God is not a Tarheel, then why is the sky CAROLINA BLUE” If you make it to Harkers Island think twice about crossing the bridge because once you do your life will never be the same, that’s just the way it is in PARADISE!

  2. My computer is down so I signed in under Marcie’s name this has been a message from Mark Atwood “By Now!”

  3. Go Kittyhawks!!

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