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In Georgia Nights Are Softer Than a Whisper… (Day 12)

This is going to be the shortest entry thus far… Hands down… Or at least the one with the fewest pictures… Really not much more than a lot of driving today.

First thing we did before we left Durham was stop off at the official Durham Bulls (a minor league baseball team) store so I could buy a hat. As I’m sure at least one or two of you have noticed, I’m often wearing a different hat in many of the pictures you’ve seen throughout the course of this blog. I decided very early that I was going to buy a hat representing each state we’ve stayed in, and North Carolina was proving to be a bit difficult. I knew that if I got a UNC or Duke hat, that I would never wear it, so when the thought of getting a Durham Bulls hat came to mind, it was perfect.

After the hat purchasing, we started one of the longer drives of the trip thus far. It was a pretty drive, I was surprised by the amount of pine trees in the area, guess I just always figured those weren’t really southern type trees, but there were plenty of em all over the place. The other kind of cool thing to notice along the drive were these huge sections of trees absolutely covered in these ivy vine deals.

I took the wheel for a while after lunch, and I have to say–I hate South Carolina drivers. I was probably cut off at least 3 separate times, and watched some of the more moronic attempts at freeway maneuvering that I’d ever seen before. I was happy to cross over into Georgia where some sanity seemed to return to the roads.

We stopped by Lifetime Fitness (or as Patrick C refers to it “Life Center,” “Life Place,” “Fitness Center,” or any other combination of words that don’t add up to the actual name. I guess you can’t really blame the guy, he only goes there twice a day, 6 days a week) to get the information regarding the hotel that my cousin Brian and his wife April were kind enough to hook us up with (one of the many sweet perks they get at the job). Was good to see them again, it’d been quite some time… We checked into the hotel, caught a movie, and then met up with Brian and April for dinner at (you guessed it!) 5 Guys. I’m fairly certain they’ve become the official sponsors of this trip of ours…

Dinner was good, we sat around and shot the breeze for a while, always a good time, and loosely planned out our day tomorrow. We spent the drive home continuing our never-ending debate with Jake about whether or not the woman’s voice eminating from our NeverLost Navigation unit (we named her Rita) says “you have arrived” or “you have arrive” — Jake is convinced that she says “you have arrive,” while Patrick C and I would argue that out off all the words she’s programmed to say, that’s probably the only actual full phrase – so wouldn’t make much sense for them to have it recorded incorrectly… He still won’t yield, but Jake has been “right” about pretty much all his other claims this trip thus far, so we’d be fools to doubt his superior knowledge.

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2 Responses to "In Georgia Nights Are Softer Than a Whisper… (Day 12)"

  1. I can just see my mom right now, reading this….crying as she sees Briapril. I think Georgia has been good to them. Bri’s a lot better looking then he used to be. :)

  2. Those are some nice tan legs you have there Justin. Jake you look as handsome as ever, I feel like I haven’t seen you forever!! I bet that was fun to see Brian and April. Marcie is right Brian is a lot better looking than he used to be, but still not good looking enough for April! ha ha ha

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