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Georgia On My Mind. (Day 13)

Well, I hate to say this, but there are already SEVERAL problems with this entry, and I haven’t even finished writing the first sentence yet. See, I have to get up in about 4 hours so we can get ready, packed, and on our way to the airport to catch our flight home. 4 hours isn’t a whole lot of sleep, and I’m pretty shot right now as is… The other problem is that the internet at the hotel we’re at right now is incredibly stingy. Patrick C bought it with his laptop, and it won’t let mine hook up unless we buy it again… That wouldn’t be so much of a problem if Patrick C’s mac and my PC decided not to be friends. See, I had to edit all the pictures on my laptop, throw them onto a thumbdrive and then pull them down on my Dad’s laptop. Problem I run into now though, is this bad boy has no FTP program, and I’m not about to stay up all night trying to find one that works on a mac, and the only other alternative I have is to upload the photos one at a time, which it’s far too late to even consider doing. So I’m just going to write this post without the pictures, and upload them when we get back to SLC tomorrow morning. Apologies to all those who are looking forward to them (the Atwood family especially).

(Okay, so turns out that Patrick C woke up at like 2 AM because my laptop was making noise, so he read the blog, saw that I couldn’t upload, and was up the rest of the night trying to figure out how to FTP on this mac. Silly Patrick C….)

I really wish I was conscious enough to write a post to do today a little more justice, as it was a pretty cool day. We left the fantastic free hotel Brian and April hooked us up with, and drove out to see their house. It was a pretty nice place, fun to see Brian slowly turning into Mark with his little projects as a homeowner. We couldn’t help but laugh and make that mental comparison when April shared a story of him fertilizing the lawn in the middle of the night immediately after they got it. After receiving the grand tour and hanging out for a while, we all went out and got breakfast at the Waffle House. Brian and April said that you haven’t really visited Georgia until you’ve eaten breakfast at a Waffle House, and as there seemed to be about one every other block, you couldn’t really argue with that logic.

After enjoying our Waffle House waffleness, Brian and April returned to work, and we left to head on up to Stone Mountain, which was suggested to us by Brian and April. It was a pretty amazing place. Kind of crazy to just be driving through normal Georgia forestland and have an 800+ foot solid granite boulder come into view. An enormous carving of Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee on the side of the mountain made the view just that more impressive.

After looking at the carving on the face, we drove around and decided to hike to the top. This decision was mostly a Patrick C one (although I helped it along, since I knew he really wanted to but felt guilty at the fact Jake wasn’t too stoked about the idea). The hike was pretty nice, but I gotta say, it was a hot one today, and we were all fairly soaked in sweat by the time we reached the top. Jake, the poor kid, had been about pushed to his limits… Patrick C, in true Patrick C fashion, decided he wanted to run to the top, and I did my best to push a quicker pace to the top (though I wasn’t foolish enough to run), and Jake was a trooper and kept right up to the end. Although he did his fair share of voicing exactly what he thought about the decision to hike up the mountain and how much he “loathed” (to use an exact quote) the experience.

The view from up top made the whole thing worth it, you could even see downtown Atlanta on the horizon… We enjoyed the view for a while, and rested up until Jake was (somewhat) ready and willing to head back down.

We reached the car and drove into the city to check into our new hotel. We then rested for a little while, and drove into the city to check out Olympic Park and parts of downtown Atlanta. It was pretty neat, and we were even lucky enough to receive suggestions of places to visit by a couple nice men who only needed a couple bucks for various things. The second guy even talked Utah Jazz basketball with us for a while, before asking us to all hold hands in a circle and pray with him. Patrick C promised we’d pray for him in the car and just gave him the cash without the public prayer. Although, I would’ve given a few bucks to witness Patrick C holding hands and praying with someone in the middle of a city.

We then drove on up to Brian and April’s area to find a place to eat, they were going to try and make it, but three of Brian’s coworkers weren’t at work for these days, and left the poor guy swamped. We enjoyed a nice southern cookin joint at his request though, and they were able to sneak away from work and meet up with us at Dairy Queen for some shakes after.

It was fun to be able to hang out with them while we were out here, probably one of the cooler parts of the trip, they really seemed to be doing well and tearing it up here in Atlanta.

Well, we drove back and now here I am, listening to my Dad snore up a storm and knowing that I have to get up in less than 4 hours. Should be lovely.

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  1. i would say jake was giving him a hickey…

  2. Wow Brian cute wife, good job, cool house, neat dog, Atlanta is treating you well!!! Thanks for spending some time with my boys!!!!

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